Literature on Neural Architecture Search

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The following list considers papers related to neural architecture search. It is by no means complete. If you miss a paper on the list, please let us know.

Please note that although NAS methods steadily improve, the quality of empirical evaluations in this field are still lagging behind compared to other areas in machine learning, AI and optimization. We would therefore like to share some best practices for empirical evaluations of NAS methods, which we believe will facilitate sustained and measurable progress in the field. If you are interested in a teaser, please read our blog post or directly jump to our checklist.

Transformers have gained increasing popularity in different domains. For a comprehensive list of papers focusing on Neural Architecture Search for Transformer-Based spaces, the awesome-transformer-search repo is all you need.

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Li, Xiao; Lei, Lin; Kuang, Gangyao

Multi-Modal Fusion Architecture Search for Land over Classification using Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images Technical Report


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Sapra, Dolly; Pimentel, Andy D.

Designing convolutional neural networks with constrained evolutionary piecemeal training Journal Article

In: Applied Intelligence , 0000.

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